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La Foret Butter Knife

Seoul Bund with the concept of 'a small forest on the table'
Created by designer Song Seung-yong and master Lee Jong-oh
Seoul Bund Hua's second organic cutlery.

Song Seung-yong designers said that Korean traditional organic materials
We want you to immerse yourself in the food culture,
It combines with nature to create a minimal form that resembles nature.
The oriental aesthetic that connects tradition and modern stands out.
Have fun on the table with the organic dessert cut 'La Foret'.
The only organic

The minimalist yet elegant curves of La Foret
It is produced by Hand of Master Lee, Jong-oh Lee.
As a result, about 30 products (fork-based) are produced per day (6 hours).
Through a rigorous inspection process to meet production standards
Only premium products (about 50%) are selected and presented.

IHerb is our unique traditional product infused with the spirit and breath of our ancestors.
Organic is made by alloying tin and copper at 22% and 78%, respectively.
Tin aids digestion and copper has an excellent bactericidal effect.
Therefore, when used as tableware, food poisoning bacteria
Other harmful bacteria can be prevented.

When I use this good organicity as a cut to touch a mouth directly,
The effect is more radiant.
It can prevent stomatitis such as earrings.

In addition, when toxic foods such as silver cutlery touch
It turns black, preventing the ingestion of harmful ingredients in advance.
Song Seung-yong, Designer X
Song Seung-yong designers do not miss the traditional organic production method
Designed organic tableware that modern people can love.
Original organic tableware that only had chopsticks and spoon
We also designed western foods to meet the diverse diets of modern people.

The gentle curve of ratchet inspired by the moon
Another elegance on the table.
For these smooth curves
Each product must be trimmed by hand
You will go through the hand of Lee Myung-oh, Lee Jong-oh's master.

Because each one is made by hand
About 30 products per fork are produced per day (6 hours).
The inspection process is very demanding and about 50% is discarded.
In other words, you will find only 50% of the special products you have selected.

It is good to present as much as special, but package composition is good
It can be a gift loved by anyone.
Eye-catching charm
Song Seungyong Designer

Korean designer 'first' 2013 design in Miami Basel
Winner of the Future Designer Award.
In addition, it was selected as 'Forbes Korea Power Leader 2030' in 2014.
Song Seungyong is a designer loved not only in Korea but also abroad.
Through the life brand `` Tagaon '' that maximizes his senses
We continue our design activities.

Song Seung-yong's works are characterized by the
Wherever you place it,
It is the unique feature of Song Seung-yong that attracts attention at home and abroad.
Elegant blend of tradition and modernity
Lee Jong-oh

There are many masters who are often troubled between tradition and modern times.
Keeping tradition and balancing modern trends
It's never an easy choice.
Likewise, after meeting many organic masters at Seoul Bund,
Keeping traditions and not afraid of new challenges
Finding a master was quite difficult.

However, he shared the tradition and excellence of organic
Perfect fit Organic Master No. 1, Lee Jong-oh was different.
Melting traditions into the modern world so that you can meet them in real life
You gave a positive answer to the purpose of Seoul Bund.
Until now, there was no organic knife in the country.

But Lee Jong-oh, the master of the traditional organic tradition,
For 40 years, it contains the lives and wisdom of our ancestors.
Traditional casting method to continue traditional culture
Made carefully one by one as it is.
In 2012, it was selected as the No. 1 Best Organic Master in Anseong,
By acting as an Ambassador for Anseong
We announce Anseong's tradition and excellence.
The detail image is most similar to the actual product color.
Colors may vary depending on your monitor.

Seoul Bund Tues

Seoul Bund 'Seoul Bund 和'
Seoul Bund's self-made brand.
和 (화 화화) means 'to be in harmony with each other'
It means 'to accept each other' and 'to join'.
Seoul Bund and various brands in a big fence called 'Korea'
It is a collaboration brand with designers and writers.
Keep the Korean tradition and dream of harmony with the modern
How do products naturally come to life
I wonder if it will melt and become a daily life.
Share these concerns with many people
Based on this, more classic and modern
I started building the product.

According to the product design, material characteristics
There may be differences.
상세 정보
  • Size
      21 cm
  • Material
     Organic (22% Tin, 78% Copper)
  • Country of Origin
  • How to manage
     -Due to the nature of organic when you first use
    It is a natural phenomenon and can be used
    If you see it gradually disappears.
    -Only for ratchet when stained or faded
    Wipe with an organic scouring pad in the direction of organic texture.
    -Black powder (organic)
    Tin and copper)
    It is normal, harmless to human body.
    -After removing stains, use regular dishwashing detergent
    Please wash using.
    -Dedicated stainless steel detergent (ex. Imported from mart
    Detergent, etc.) can be used.
    -Rich rice water, beer, tomato juice, rice wine, etc.
    You can use a natural detergent, vinegar in hot water
    Flush a few drops and you get less stain.
    -If black stains or water stains are not erased
    If you put organic in a container, put baking soda and citric acid
    Sprinkle it. (You can use citric acid only.
    If you pour, bubbles will rise. If there are not many stains,
    Soak it for 30 minutes.)
    -After removing the stain, dry it thoroughly with a dry cloth.
    Please wipe.
  • Precautions
     -If the product is exposed to fire,
    Do not use in heat sources.
    -Vinyl after removing water completely for long term storage
    Store in a sealed state such as back.
    -Even with plastic packaging, if time passes,
    Friction may cause discoloration naturally,
    This is not a bad product. In this case, according to the Organic Management Act
    After washing, it will return to its original color.
    -Pores, scratches, tees (particles)
    It is not a bad product by a natural trace, and
    Not eligible for return
    -Products that have been removed from the plastic packaging must never be replaced or returned.
    It is impossible.