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Order required

This is a pre-order product made by hand (hand-made).
After payment is confirmed, production is in progress.
Delivery takes about 2 weeks.
After production starts, change and exchange, simple change of heart
No refund. Please order carefully.

Ato Dre Apron (Ivory / Coral Pink)

'Ato', the hanbok apron, is a V-neck that adopts the hanbok sympathetic design.
The neckline is emphasized and the A-line silhouette preserves the curve of the body.
'Dre' line is more comfortable than Ato
The neck is made generously, and the long waist strap
No matter where you tie the ribbon, it looks great.
'Dre' is a pure Korean word that means gentleness and weight as being human.
Ato's 'Dre' line, as its name suggests, protects dignity in everyday life
Made in design and color.
Jessica Blue
Mom and daughter together, daughter design
It is a lifestyle fabric brand to create.
The daughter who enjoyed eco-bags when living and traveling abroad
I couldn't find the product I liked and used it myself
It became the starting point.
'Ato' with Jessica Blue is a symbol of 2016 Seoul Tourism
The competition won the silver prize.
The detail image is most similar to the actual product color.
Colors may vary depending on your monitor.

Seoul Bundhwa

Seoul Bund 'Seoul Bund 和'
Seoul Bund is a self-made brand.
和 (Hwahahwa) means `` to be in good standing with each other's meaning ''
It means 'to respond to each other' and 'to join'.
Seoul Bund and various brands in the big fence called 'Korea'
It is a collaboration brand with designers and writers.
Taking advantage of Korean tradition, dreaming of harmony with modern times,
How to make the product natural to life
I wonder if it will melt and become a daily life.
Sharing these concerns with many people,
Based on this, it is more classic and modern
I started making products.

Depending on the product design, product material characteristics, measurement location, etc.
There may be differences.
  • Color
     Ivory / coral pink
  • Size
      95X 92 cm (up to 63 cm around the neck, 106 cm waistband)
  • Country of Origin
  • Wash Care
     -We recommend washing alone with linen cotton blend.
    -When using the washing machine, it is recommended to use the laundry net.
    -Water temperature between 20 ~ 30 degrees is suitable and in the shade
    Please dry.
  • Precautions
     -When washing for the first time, there may be a shrinkage of about 1 ~ 2cm.
    -Natural wrinkles and medium middle due to the characteristics of linen cotton
    The part that seems to be missing color is not a defective product,
    It is not a reason.
    -Due to the nature of the linen fabric, some size errors
    May be, this is not a bad thing.